Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing for outdoor and tour activity companies

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Who Are We?

A data-driven,
lead generation agency

We don’t manage your account, run your social media, or force you to pay huge monthly fees. Instead, we generate leads so you can get more bookings. We only work with outdoor tour and activity companies like ATV tours, Jeep Tours, Whitewater Rafting, Mountain Biking, Hot Air Balloon, Jet Ski, Snowmobiling, Wine Tours, Sky Diving, and other outdoor tours.

Our marketing system was built on nearly a decade of industry experience that’s been tailored to outdoor activities so we can confidently offer a risk-free service with guaranteed results.

You don’t pay a dime until you get results.

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Get More Bookings


Did you know that most tour operators forget that there is a step between a user visiting a website and then becoming a customer? That step is when they become a lead. Instead of generating more traffic to your site, we deliver quality leads directly to you.

Risk-free Marketing


As a marketing company, we take the risk of your marketing so you don’t have to. Instead of paying in hopes of getting results, we have some skin in the game, and we only get paid when you get results. We’ve completely changed the game on marketing.

Tips for Tour Operators

Our podcast brings real-life stories and secrets from leading booking engines, tour owners, guides, marketers, and consultants with years of experience in the outdoor tourism industry. Each interview gives actionable advice and leading strategies to help tours increase bookings and grow their businesses. We believe in the power of sharing our collective passion and learning from other operators’ trials and tribulations in order to grow together.

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  • Specialized for Outdoor Adventures: Our proven method for lead generation was created exclusively for the outdoor tour and adventure industry.
  • Guaranteed Results: We don’t charge to sign up or any monthly fees. You don’t pay until you get results. It’s as simple as that
  • Risk-Free: You don’t pay until you get leads. There are no upfront costs, hidden fees, or contracts to get started.

What You Can Expect.


Complete Control
With OAM, you can turn your campaigns on or off at will. If the weather causes issues, you’re not stuck paying for our service. If you need to pause for a slow season, just let us know and we’ll pause the campaigns.

No Ugly Reports
Ever read a report from one of these agencies and have a WTF moment? We don’t try to wow you with graphs because you’re only paying for results not for “management”.

Low Cost. Flexible Budget
If you only want to spend $500 in a month, you can. If you want to crank up the leads, you can increase you budget when you’re ready. Spend as little or as much as you’d like. You are in control.

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Step 1

We learn the ins and outs of your tour during our kickoff call. We’ll discover why your customers love your tour and identify what makes you different.

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Step 2

We craft lead generation campaigns, landing pages, and ads to motivate potential clients to contact you to book.

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Step 3

You answer the phones, make the sales, and enjoy a fully booked and profitable tour.

They have been handling my PPC advertising for some time now and I am very happy. Bekah is very detailed and our monthly performance review calls are always informative and have the best interest of my business in mind. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great Company with great attention to detail.

Chad N.


The Outdoor Tour Industry's Lead Generation Agency.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Outdoor Adventure Marketing is 11 employees who obsess over digital marketing. We have over 9 years of experience in pay-per-click advertising, web development, and social marketing. We’re a group of motivated data nerds who crave results and love seeing tour revenue climb.

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